Before her murder in 2006, Anna Politkovskaya won international fame for her reporting. Nothing But the Truth is a collection of her best writing.

Beginning with a brief introduction by the author about her pariah status, Nothing But the Truth contains material which characterizes the self-effacing Politkovskaya more fully than she allowed in her other books. The collection in this book presents a solid overview of her highly professional reportage, and will also stand as a tribute to her matter-of-fact personal courage, disclosing information Anna glosses over, or omitted completely, about the dangers she faced and the threats she received in the course of her work.

Elsewhere, there are illuminating accounts of interviews and encounters with Western leaders including Lionel Jospin, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, and such exiled figures as Boris Berezovsky, Akhmed Zakaev and Vladimir Bukovsky. Additional sections contain her non-political writing, revealing her delightful personality, as well as detailing international reactions to her murder.

Nothing But the Truth serves as a wide-ranging and lasting collection of writing by one of the most outstanding and courageous reports of our era.

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