《Will Power – A. J. Hartley》-azw3,mobi,epub,pdf,txt,kindle电子书免费下载

《Will Power – A. J. Hartley》-azw3,mobi,epub,pdf,txt,kindle电子书免费下载


While on the run fromEmpire guards, Will Hawthorneand his band of thieves are transported to a mysterious land that noneof them recognize orknow how to get home from. Turns out that they've landed right in the middle of a battle between goblins and humans. Their human allies are practically storybook counterparts to the rough sorts they knew in Stavis, speaking in high-flown prose, dressed to the height of fashion, and dripping with wealth and social propriety. Will's companions are quite taken by these fine folks, but the Fair Folk are appalled by Will's unorthodoxy.

At first Will does whatever he can to try to squirm into their good graces, but just when his efforts are feeling totally futile, he begins to wonder if these too-perfect courtiers and warriors have anything to offer beyond their glamour and their burning hatred of the goblins.But is there any recourse forWill and his friends once it turns out that the humans who are sheltering them may notbe on the right side oftheir eternal conflict?

Will Power is a funny and fleet-footedstand-alone fantasyfeaturingthe charactersreaders grew to love in Act of Will in an all-new adventure about the danger of first impressions.


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