《101 Classic Short Stories》-azw3,mobi,epub,pdf,txt,kindle电子书免费下载

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《101 Classic Short Stories》-azw3,mobi,epub,pdf,txt,kindle电子书免费下载


This outstanding collection features 101 short stories by great writers from America, the United Kingdom, Russian, and other countries. Ranging from the 19th to the 20th centuries, writers include O. Henry, Jack London, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Anton Chekhov, James Joyce , Ambrose Bierce, Franz Kafka, and other major writers of world literature. Such a wonderfully wide-ranging and enjoyable anthology!
Invest just a few minutes in a great short story and you may be rewarded with a lesson or memory that lasts a lifetime. And it’s not just the short stories; the authors can also surprise you. We hope that you will return to this collection again and again; to re-read these classic favorites and train your literature mind.


20世纪初美国著名短篇小说家,美国现代短篇小说创始人。与法国的莫泊桑、俄国的契诃夫并称为“世界三大短篇小说巨匠”。 他少年时曾一心想当画家,婚后在妻子的鼓励下开始写作。后因在银行供职时的账目问题而入狱,服刑期间开始认真写作,并以“欧·亨利”为笔名发表了大量短篇小说,引起读者广泛关注。

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