《Professional JavaScript for Web Developers》-azw3,mobi,epub,pdf,txt,kindle电子书免费下载

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《Professional JavaScript for Web Developers》-azw3,mobi,epub,pdf,txt,kindle电子书免费下载


This book provides a developer-level introduction along with more advanced and useful features of JavaScript. Coverage includes: JavaScript use with HTML to create dynamic webpages, language concepts including syntax and flow control statementsvariable handling given their loosely typed naturebuilt-in reference types such as object and arrayobject-oriented programingpowerful aspects of function expressionsBrowser Object Model allowing interaction with the browser itselfdetecting the client and its capabilitiesDocument Object Model (DOM) objects available in DOM Level 1how DOM Levels 2 and 3 augmented the DOMevents, legacy support, and how the DOM redefined how events should workenhancing form interactions and working around browser limitationsusing the tag to create on-the-fly graphicsJavaScript API changes in HTML5how browsers handle JavaScript errors and error handlingfeatures of JavaScript used to read and manipulate XML datathe JSON data format as an alternative to XMLAjax techniques including the use of XMLHttpRequest object and CORScomplex patterns including function currying, partial function application, and dynamic functionsoffline detection and storing data on the client machinetechniques for JavaScript in an enterprise environment for better maintainability

This book is aimed at three groups of readers: Experienced object-oriented programming developers looking to learn JavaScript as it relates to traditional OO languages such as Java and C++; Web application developers attempting to enhance site usability; novice JavaScript developers.

Nicholas C. Zakas worked with the Web for over a decade. He has worked on corporate intranet applications used by some of the largest companies in the world and large-scale consumer websites such as MyYahoo! and the Yahoo! homepage. He regularly gives talks at companies and conferences regarding front-end best practices and new technology.


Nicholas C. Zakas(尼古拉斯•泽卡斯)世界顶级Web技术专家,现为雅虎公司界面呈现架构师,负责My Yahoo!和雅虎首页等大访问量站点的设计。尼古拉斯拥有丰富的Web开发和界面设计经验,曾经参与许多世界级大公司的Web解决方案开发。他还是High Performance JavaScript一书的作者,并与他人合作撰写了Professional Ajax和Even Faster Web Sites。尼古拉斯拥有梅里马克学院计算机科学学士学位和埃迪柯特学院的MBA学位。

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